Are Cardigans out of Style in 2023?

Are Cardigans out of Style?


The ever-versatile cardigan has been a wardrobe staple for many over the years. Yet, as 2023 rolls in, there's a whisper in the fashion lanes about whether cardigans have managed to keep up with the times. Here's what we're uncovering in this piece:

  • The ongoing popularity of cardigans.
  • Various cardigan styles taking over the scene.
  • What to look for when picking a cardigan.
  • Balancing the trend with your personal aesthetics.

The Current Cardigan Chronicle

The burning question, are cardigans out of style, finds a varying degree of answers as we step into 2023. With the chic Blue Moraga Pocketed Aztec Cardigan making rounds, it's clear that a well-designed cardigan is far from outdated. The cardigan saga continues to evolve, offering a plethora of styles for the fashion-savvy to the comfort-seekers. They seamlessly transition from being a cozy layer during chilly mornings to a stylish addition for a night out.

One can't help but notice the vast spectrum of cardigans available. From length to fabric to design, the choices are abundant. Long cardigans, for instance, bring in a dash of elegance, making a statement with minimal effort.

The Cardigan Spectrum

The Draped Cardigans are seeing a dip in favor, perhaps due to the extra fabric which may not appeal to everyone. On the flip side, Longline Cardigans are having a moment, especially when paired with boots or heels, creating a flattering elongated silhouette.

Classic Button-Up Cardigans are embracing a modern twist when worn as pullovers, shedding the old-school aura and stepping into the contemporary scene.

No-Button Cardigans are the epitome of easy style, with emphasis on getting the right fit to make the look work. The Sweater Open Front Long Sleeve Long Cardigan is a perfect example of this.

Short-length Cardigans have become a trendy pick, pairing well with jeans or skirts, offering a playful yet stylish look.

Large cardigans like the Grey and Orange Aztec Pattern Hooded Cardigan offer a balance when worn with fitted attire, creating a chic yet comfy style.

Wise Before You Buy

Before diving into a cardigan shopping spree, considering the material is paramount. A good quality fabric not only feels great but also lasts longer, giving you value for your money.

The fit is crucial too. Depending on your style, a well-fitted or a loosely draped cardigan can make or break the look.

Lastly, versatility is key. A cardigan that can transition from day to night, casual to semi-formal, is a wise pick. The Black Aztec Print Western Duster Cardigan for Winter exudes this versatility effortlessly.


The verdict? Cardigans are far from being out of style in 2023. With the right pick, you can make a fashion statement while enjoying the comfort and versatility cardigans offer.

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