Collection: Artist Daphne Odjig

Daphne Odjig was born on September 11 1919 ((September 11, 1919 – October 1, 2016) on Wikwemikong Unceded Reserve on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. She was a Canadian First Nations artist of Odawa-Potawatomi-English heritage

Daphne's artistry spans many years, six decades! Daphne was first influenced by her grandfather, Jonas Odjig who was a stone carver and story teller. 
Daphne's very early artistic works were very realistic in their style, early on she spent weekends teaching herself how to paint by observing the works of other master artists, some of her early paintings also show the influence of Picasso, Matisse, and the Impressionists. 

During a Pow Wow in 1964 at Wiikwemkoong, Daphne had an artistic awakening, and was inspired to embrace her Indigenous heritage, this is seen in her art which focuses on traditional styles and legends, themes of cultural survival, challenges to stereotypes, family life, and colonial testimony of the First Nations peoples. 

Daphne Odjig leaves a rich legacy as an Indigenous art pioneer. 

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