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Leah Dorion Breath of Life Cosmetic Bag Set

Leah Dorion Breath of Life Cosmetic Bag Set

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Designed by the renowned Métis Artist Leah Dorion, the Breath of Life Cosmetic Bag Set celebrates the potency of language. As Leah Dorion remarks "Our breath is the source of life, and it is the ethereal vessel in which our voice resides. May our words be shared with earnest benevolence, for they can have a great effect on our world." Included in the set are three compact, transportable Polyester bags - a Transparent Cosmetic Bag L: 30 cm H: 19 cm W: 13 cm, a Large Cosmetic Bag L: 28.5 cm H: 19 cm W: 7.5 cm and a Small Cosmetic Bag L: 15.5 cm H: 11.5 cm W: 4 cm - granting you the chance to experience Leah Dorion's remarkable world of elegance and beauty.
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